Monday, 28 August 2017

Potter Spotter

Time to update my list of Harry Potter film actors seen on stage again, something I'd planned to do last year when I was hoping to catch John Hurt in The Entertainer; sadly he had to drop out due to illness, which turned out to be fatal, and of course Alan Rickman has also sadly become unavailable to collect since I last updated this list.

I've only added four new names in the last two years, but with Shirley Henderson and Evanna Lynch within a couple of weeks of each other it seemed as good a time as any. Harry Melling has increased his lead as the Potter actor I've seen on stage most times - which just goes to show how much theatre he does, considering I collected my first two cast members (Sophie Thompson and Mark Williams in the same production of As You Like It) in the year he was born.

I'm using the Wikipedia cast list, which also includes actors whose entire performance ended up on the cutting room floor. I've linked to my reviews of the shows where possible; any title that isn't a link means it's from before I started reviewing online.