Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Twitaceous Era 16: Lesbian Wednesday

This week on my Twitter feed, a terrifying rumour turns out to be terrifying reality.

I was hoping "Billie Piper And Oliver Chris Flick Richard's Bean" might fill my theatre-free late August but never mind, July it is.
10:07 AM - 25 Jun 2014

Watched an episode of Orange Is The New Black, then my iPod played "Take Me Or Leave Me." Guess it must be Lesbian Wednesday.
6:45 PM - 25 Jun 2014

It doesn't matter how good an actor you are, you can still be upstaged by some pasta sauce #intervaltweets
8:46 PM - 25 Jun 2014

5:17 PM - 26 Jun 2014

Me next October, watching La Lohan's fabulous debut:
5:34 PM - 26 Jun 2014

"I've got one of the world's most extraordinary physical actors in my cast. I think I'll just have her stand there and talk a bit."
9:09 PM - 26 Jun 2014

The Royal Court's "Priority advance notice of our programme" this season consisted of "eh, have a look at the website later this week."
10:27 AM - 27 Jun 2014

I know this is going to be high-quality theatre because there was a party popper on my seat.
7:26 PM - 27 Jun 2014

Stagey Pride gossip: Jack Holden + Matthew Tennyson. Chaste kiss but feel free to extrapolate into smutty fantasies as required.
3:39 PM - 28 Jun 2014

Knackered after all that standing still while other people walked past me earlier #Pride
9:31 PM - 28 Jun 2014

Looks like Glasgow Girls: The Musical is getting a BBC3 adaptation. No news on whether Patricia Panther stars in it.
10:19 AM - 29 Jun 2014

I see @givesyouHel's been in Hammersmith.
5:25 PM - 30 Jun 2014

Nobody I know is in the groundling queue, even though it's pouring with rain. I THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT YOU PEOPLE LIKED!
6:45 PM - 30 Jun 2014

"The Rape of Lucrece, by either the Earl of Oxford or Francis Bacon, we're not sure which." Heh. It's all right, The Globe, Rylance is gone.
7:22 PM - 30 Jun 2014

Well Luke Thompson got his chest out again, so that'll do #intervaltweets
9:08 PM - 30 Jun 2014

Today's Metro has an interview with a foot model. I feel this encapsulates the paper perfectly.
9:30 AM - 1 Jul 2014

It's appropriate that Urinetown's transferring to the Apollo. It couldn't go to a Delfont Mackintosh theatre, their loos are too good.
10:33 AM - 1 Jul 2014

I've added more production photos to my Julius Caesar review, for precisely the reason you would expect.
3:08 PM - 1 Jul 2014

Although I'm unclear on why Luke Thompson is wearing clothes in his promo shots. Don't they know how publicity works?
3:10 PM - 1 Jul 2014

Theatrical Spot: Hepple in Sainsbury's on The Cut. Tattoos still not visible to the naked eye.
7:37 PM - 1 Jul 2014

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