Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 7: You guys enjoy Dick

This week on my Twitter feed I'm all about sharing second-hand theatre news, like a Netto Baz.

Anna Carteret, Paul Chahidi, Ferdy Roberts in Shakespeare in Love, to distract from Tom Bateman's... existence.
10:37 AM - 23 Apr 2014

It does seem harsh to surround him with a cast like that when the furniture will out-charisma him anyway.
10:38 AM - 23 Apr 2014

I have received a communication from the Doge #suchmask #soVenice #wow
11:26 AM - 23 Apr 2014

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 6: In their pants

Here's some stuff I rambled on about this week on my Twitter feed:

If there's a better song to start the day with than the Cagney and Lacey theme music then my name's Mary Beth.
9:47 AM - 16 Apr 2014

Did someone say something about the pot calling the kettle a twat? #robertlindsay
12:31 AM - 17 Apr 2014

If Seth Numrich is thinking of becoming a London stage regular this is a move I can very much get behind.
1:46 PM - 17 Apr 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Book review: King Rat

One of China Miéville's earlier urban fantasies, King Rat follows Saul who, following his father's murder which he gets falsely accused of, is sprung from jail by a supernatural figure calling himself King Rat. It turns out Saul is half-rat, and rat royalty at that, and his new home is in the sewers underneath London. The main plot focuses on the return of the animals' nemesis, the Pied Piper, and a half-rat half-human is a combination that could beat him once and for all. Reveling somewhat in the grossness of a human living as a rat, the book's entertaining at the start and has a strong ending, although it lost my interest in the middle - I think there were probably too many in-depth descriptions of jungle music tracks for me.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 5: Meat coma

This week on my Twitter feed, I'm at the Young Vic a lot so I'm tripping over hot actors everywhere I turn.

Fecal Attraction's changed its poster image to just the bunny. NOW WHERE COULD THEY HAVE GOT THAT IDEA FROM?
9:59 AM - 9 Apr 2014

I'd demand a share of the profits but... #lol
10:00 AM - 9 Apr 2014

This sounds terrible. I MUST SEE IT AT ALL COSTS!
1:07 PM - 9 Apr 2014

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 4: Scottish king shag list

This week on my Twitter feed, more dark mutterings about crashing theatre websites, because we all know that's what gets the followers flooding in.

This church's "DEATH COULD NOT HOLD HIM IN HIS GRAVE!!!" poster is making me think less "Easter," more "vampire apocalypse."
9:11 AM - 2 Apr 2014

Been watching Bates Motel. So far the maddest thing is there's a girl called Bradley, and NOBODY thinks that's weird.
5:58 PM - 2 Apr 2014

"naked giant and the beanstalk" #bloghitsoftheweek Pretty sure even MY blog doesn't feature that.
10:21 AM - 3 Apr 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Book review: Cold Comfort

I got the first couple of Quentin Bates novels on a kindle special offer, and after Frozen Out a few months back I figured I'd also give Cold Comfort a go. This one sees the recently-promoted Gunnhildur investigate the murder of a famous-for-being-famous Icelandic celebrity. I didn't dislike it but I think this is where I part company with Bates' Icelandic mysteries. The trouble is I'm never the best with remembering character names, and in crime novels that can be awkward when there's a bit surprise appearance by X who's suddenly revealed to be the killer... and it takes me several pages to remember which one X is. So add to that foreign names that I can give no mnemonic association to, and the Icelandic tradition of patronymic surnames that makes everyone's names blur into each other, and I'm frequently too lost to end up caring much. Here I spent several pages thinking we'd had a nasty incestuous revelation about the murder victim and her brother, only to eventually realise we were dealing with one of her lovers and it hadn't all gone a bit Game of Thrones after all. I wasn't really getting enough from the story to make up for all that confusion, and Gunna herself is a bit of a bland central character so I can't see me revisiting the series.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 3: "Look who's Jewish!"

This week on my Twitter feed you won't find any April Fool tweets because I'm, like, above that sort of thing.

It took nearly 24 hours but I got my Streetcar Named Scully tickets. It had better be LITERALLY PERFECT after that farrago.
8:00 AM - 26 Mar 2014

Theatrical Spot: Felix Scott at the Old Vic. Also a Slitheen whose name I don't know.
8:54 PM - 26 Mar 2014

Also an usher warning a crisp-eater to finish before the show started. No, really, an usher somewhere did her job, I saw it happen.
8:56 PM - 26 Mar 2014