Thursday, 14 November 2013

Book review: The Boy From Reactor 4

The Kindle daily deal seems to do a lot of crime novels, doesn't it? I don't often go for them but I thought I'd give Orest Stelmach's The Boy From Reactor 4 a chance. I actually thought, reading it, that it was at least the second in a series because there's all these references to its heroine breaking up a crime ring the previous year, but it turns out it's the author's first novel. It sees a former banker go on a journey to her parents' birthplace of Ukraine, to find the uncle she thought was long-dead, and his son raised near Chernobyl, while various different gangs chase her for the fortune they believe the uncle has stashed away. It's quite enjoyable although the fact that the quest begins with a dying man telling her "the fate of the free world depends on" her returning to Ukraine meant I couldn't take it entirely seriously from the off.

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