Thursday, 31 October 2013

Book review: The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Apparently The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is an "international sensation," although I hadn't really noticed it sensating anywhere near me, I just spotted it when I was browsing through the Kindle shop, as per. Jonas Jonasson's novel does what its title suggests, as a man called Allan climbs out of the window of his old people's home on his hundredth birthday, and goes off on an adventure, meeting new people, accidentally killing half the members of a criminal gang, and being chased by the police. This is entertaining enough, but better are the flashbacks every other chapter to Allan's century-long life. Singularly uninterested in politics, he stumbles into some of the biggest events of the 20th century, meeting everyone from Stalin to Mao Zedong, Churchill and Presidents Truman, LBJ and Nixon, like a Swedish Forrest Gump - or Forrest Gümp. As in his present life, his past also seems to have seen him leave a trail of death behind him wherever he went while he remained unscathed, and although it's a gently amusing story I did like the hint of a message underneath that keeping yourself clear of all important matters might leave you safe to live a long and happy life, but be disastrous for those around you.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dick Twittington 33: One per boob

This week on my Twitter feed... oh I dunno, "various" I guess. My life can't always be themed.

"aphra behn benedict cumberbatch" #bloghitsoftheweek I'mma start an illicit time-travel affair rumour.
10:53 AM - 23 Oct 13

Theatrical Spot: Sam Troughton on Dean Street.
6:53 PM - 23 Oct 13

This Jamie Dornan casting news has definitely not made me any more interested in the Fifty Shades movie *innocent face*
11:10 AM - 24 Oct 13

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dick Twittington 32: Fabulously clear projection

This week for the second time in a row I'm illustrating this roundup of my Twitter feed with a photo of a Doctor Who star's stage work, but where Matt Smith was playing an all-singing, all-dancing serial killer, David Tennant's photo is much more disturbing.

While everyone else is still congratulating Rufus Norris, the whatsonstage boards have already dismissed his entire tenure as a disaster.
2:41 PM - 16 Oct 13

3:12 PM - 16 Oct 13

I've only just realised the actress from last night's play was Madame Vastra off Doctor Who. It was the lack of scales that threw me.
4:01 PM - 16 Oct 13

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dick Twittington 31: "I'm so excited"

This week on my Twitter feed has been one of those quiet ones.

Oh, so the lift at the Royal Court is making "aaargh!" noises again.
7:01 PM - 9 Oct 13

"The performance lasts 70 minutes without interval" #themostbeautifulsoundthatieverheard
7:15 PM - 9 Oct 13

I had a "back at school" dream so convincing it was actually a relief to wake up and remember I'm nearly 40 and work in an office.
10:12 AM - 10 Oct 13

Friday, 11 October 2013

Book review: For Richer, For Poorer

Rather confusingly, Victoria Coren's For Richer, For Pooerer is variously subtitled A Love Affair With Poker or Confessions of a Player - the kindle edition has one on the cover and the other on the contents page. Maybe it's some kind of bluff or distraction technique. Let's face it, I only read this because Coren's the host of Only Connect and is entertaining in that job, so hopefully would be in a memoir as well; it certainly wasn't through me having any great love or understanding of poker. And I can't say I understand it any better at the other end of the book, but as my other blog will attest, I do know something about getting addicted to a pastime that takes up all your evenings and cash, although theatre blogging is unlikely to turn around and net me half a million pounds one night like poker did for Coren.

So despite not being that interested in the subject I was still interested in Coren's exploration of it, and she makes it entertaining and (almost) comprehensible even for a non-gambler.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dick Twittington 30: No effect on me

This week on my Twitter feed, booking theatre tickets gets tricky.

"Ohmygod a banjo!" says the girl sitting behind me. And it wasn't even @Weez #intervaltweets
9:08 PM - 3 Oct 13

Today's Evil Corporate lunch was venison medallions. THAT'S BAMBI BURGERS TO YOU! #Itoldyouitwasevil
2:54 PM - 4 Oct 13

This week since our manager quit has been our most efficient ever. Do try to look surprised.
5:49 PM - 4 Oct 13

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dick Twittington 29: Doing the accent

This week on my Twitter feed, it's all change at work, and a hasty escape from the theatre.

ZOMG two history bits this week! #GBBO
12:13 PM - 25 Sep 13

Wait, Damien Molony bakes cakes? Just when you think you couldn't be more attracted to someone.
6:30 PM - 25 Sep 13

I'm not sure how putting on a disguise made Kent's amputated legs grow back #intervaltweets
8:36 PM - 25 Sep 13