Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dick Twittington

This week on my Twitter feed included my fourth Twitter-birthday, which means a new terrible pun for these weekly tweet roundups. Other than that, my week was mostly about finally seeing The Book of Mormon, and it managing to live up to expectations despite 18 months' worth of buildup.

Have I punched myself in my sleep? The right side of my nose is bloody sore.& I've not been on teh drugz, b4 someone LOLARIOUSLY suggests it
11:21 AM - 13 Mar 13

"laurie metcalf hermaphrodite" #bloghitsoftheweek
12:47 PM - 13 Mar 13

"hamlets revenge against laurie" Someone's really got it in for Laurie this week #bloghitsoftheweek
12:47 PM - 13 Mar 13

"medea gets a job" I hope it's not in childcare #bloghitsoftheweek
12:48 PM - 13 Mar 13

"animal headed people" #blohitsoftheweek
12:48 PM - 13 Mar 13

It seems locating your theatre in a Peckham back alley doesn't quite make audiences *flood* in.
7:35 PM - 13 Mar 13

A Katie Mitchell promenade show? Given her aversion to lighting, won't it be dangerous as the audience walks into walls/each other?
1:08 PM - 14 Mar 13

Right then, Book of Mormon, you've got a certain amount of hype to live up to.
7:23 PM - 14 Mar 13

Anthony Neilson's nameless play is now called Narrative; cast includes Zawe Ashton, Christine Entwisle & Oliver Rix :)
12:51 PM - 15 Mar 13

The Radio 4 adaptation of Neverwhere starts at 2:30 today. J McAvoy as Richard, D Harewood as the Marquis, B Cumberbatch as Angel Islington.
1:30 PM - 16 Mar 13

Wow, Coveney DESPERATELY wants Book of Mormon to fail, doesn't he?
11:45 AM - 18 Mar 13

My iPod keeps trying to remind me that musicals other than The Book of Mormon still exist.
9:42 PM - 18 Mar 13

12:50 PM - 19 Mar 13

How is "yes I have the relevant experience you're asking for" an "incorrect answer?" Stupid job applicatons.
1:39 PM - 19 Mar 13

Are onstage dogs (not invisible ones) going to be this year's theatre meme?
8:40 PM - 19 Mar 13

Turning out to be a very doggy evening - now there's a beardog on the bus!
9:06 PM - 19 Mar 13

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