Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dick Twittington 2: A degree of crossover

This week on my Twitter feed a bit of a downer thankfully brightens up a bit, and Spellcheck continues not to know anyone's name.

Tonight's #neverwhere was a bit close to the bone for me at the moment.
6:32 PM - 20 Mar 13

FFS, if you're pissing DIRECTLY ONTO THE FLOOR maybe stop looking at your phone & start looking at your cock.
7:42 PM - 20 Mar 13

Carbon-Based Lifeform Spot: Danny Dyer at Riverside Studios.
7:45 PM - 20 Mar 13

My last two tweets are not connected, but I bet there's a degree of crossover.
7:46 PM - 20 Mar 13

OK, so I've got Punchdrunk tix on the basis that everyone's going menkle about them. This'd better not be another Shunt!
12:07 PM - 21 Mar 13

Spellcheck suggests that "Whishaw" should be "hawkish."
10:14 PM - 21 Mar 13

Spellcheck also thinks "Judi" should be "Jedi." There aren't the Oscars you're looking for. #DameJediDench
10:16 PM - 21 Mar 13

Bah, once again I don't have a Prime seat.
7:25 PM - 22 Mar 13

So I guess doing Curious Incident every night is a great workout. Hello, Luke Treadaway's abs!
10:37 PM - 22 Mar 13

Just saw a grouse out of the train window. Don't know if it's famous or not.
10:05 AM - 23 Mar 13

3hrs 35mins? David Farr hasn't heard of "editing."
12:53 PM - 23 Mar 13

@RhianBWatts the jumpers are almost the only thing I *am* enjoying.
2:58 PM - 23 Mar 13

Theatrical Spot: Brodie Ross (clothed) at the RST.
3:01 PM - 23 Mar 13

I hope nobody has to clamber over that table, it's barely standing as it is #intervaltweets
3:57 PM - 24 Mar 13

The table did not survive Act 2. Its demise was, at least, quite spectacular.
5:02 PM - 24 Mar 13

Argh, the one time I don't leave way too early for a journey, and there's no trains into London!
7:19 PM - 26 Mar 13

And this is why I usually give myself way too much journey time.
7:20 PM - 26 Mar 13

Parker's not getting any uglier #intervaltweets
9:02 PM - 26 Mar 13

I like being the only person on the bus. My own personal transportation, like what I totally deserve.
10:29 PM - 26 Mar 13

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