Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Twitterball 48: Pfft. Amateurs.

This week on my Twitter feed the Pope resigns, and like the rest of Twitter I respond with the precisely the amount of measured contemplation you'd expect. Lots of new theatre news this week as well.

Cakeologist Spot: @JohnWhaiteBakes in ASDA. Nice to know you can build the Coliseum on a budget.
2:23 PM - 6 Feb 13

Rory Kinnear and Cush Jumbo are turning playwright at the Bush.
3:36 PM - 6 Feb 13

Not that I'm not interested but that new submissions policy at the Bush really found some fresh people with no industry contacts, didn't it?
3:38 PM - 6 Feb 13

Honestly, the wind's being such a drama queen right now. "Ooh, hark at me, I can howl like a good'un!"
4:18 PM - 6 Feb 13

The Monopoly vote was done over the internet. OF COURSE the cat won.
6:04 PM - 6 Feb 13

In among the rest of the Globe casting, nobody noticed that Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince will be playing King Lear? OK.
11:09 AM - 7 Feb 13

@MJPockle @Weez Not so much surprise that he's doing it, more that nobody seems to have mentioned it.
11:14 AM - 7 Feb 13

@MJPockle @Weez Although I can understand how the Pirate Jessie news would paralyse people in horror.
11:14 AM - 7 Feb 13

Meanwhile at the Old Vic, Naomi Frederick and Nick Hendrix will be in The Winslow Boy.
11:15 AM - 7 Feb 13

Also, once Propeller goes on sale we'll have an all-female and all-male Shrew this summer. Should start some interesting conversations.
11:21 AM - 7 Feb 13

Potter Spot: Alfie Enoch at Wyndhams.
8:49 PM - 7 Feb 13

Funnily enough Goold was the first person I guessed for the Almeida job (long association) & quickly dismissed as having bigger fish to fry.
11:14 AM - 8 Feb 13

In other news: Pete the plumber!
11:18 AM - 8 Feb 13

Collected my first Tube station maze today: Westminster.
12:25 AM - 9 Feb 13

My iPod likes its Bond themes this morning. Moonraker immediately followed by Nobody Does it Better.
8:00 AM - 9 Feb 13

Man on train lecturing female friend on the difference between Shakespeare's tragedies & problem plays...
11:13 AM - 9 Feb 13

...apparently it's something to do with how many syllables are in the character names. Some murders are justified, right?
11:14 AM - 9 Feb 13

@Elsiebrewster as far as I could make out, if he personally can't remember the names of the leads, then it's officially a Problem Play.
12:01 PM - 9 Feb 13

@Elsiebrewster he could remember who the leads are in Romeo & Juliet FOR SOME REASON.
12:02 PM - 9 Feb 13

Stratford-upon-Avon twice in as many weeks, ridiculous. BRECHT, though!
1:00 PM - 9 Feb 13

Emperor And Galileo. Why yes, I HAVE been waiting ages to do that gag. #intervaltweets
3:03 PM - 9 Feb 13

This is fucking glorious so far by the way #intervaltweets
3:04 PM - 9 Feb 13

<3 the old man sitting in the Insult Chair, grinning as he gets called every Shakespearean insult in the book.
4:27 PM - 9 Feb 13

Train's been treated to a loud discussion of horse racing the entire journey. It's as FASCIFUCKINATING as it sounds.
6:56 PM - 9 Feb 13

Stop Press: They're now onto horse lasagne. Surprised it took them so long to be honest.
7:00 PM - 9 Feb 13

It's the casual racism now. Come on, you knew there was going to be a crossover of interests there.
7:09 PM - 9 Feb 13

@Weez can't believe you only just got into Cabin Pressure. It's mainly Roger Allam being pedantic, i.e. Twitter's favourite things, together
6:10 PM - 10 Feb 13

Cigarette smoke is blue. That's what ALL BOOKS say, so it must be true, right?
7:18 PM - 10 Feb 13

I now know the Welsh for "of course" is "of courrrse."
8:54 PM - 10 Feb 13

Tickets to watch David Tennant get murdered in November: Purchased.
10:16 AM - 11 Feb 13

You wait all your life for the top job, then it turns out it's too much faff. Take note, Prince Charles. #poperesigns
11:16 AM - 11 Feb 13

I don't care who the next #pope is, as long as he calls himself Pope Suburban I. It's well overdue.
11:39 AM - 11 Feb 13

Aw, pensioner couple kissing on bus. No tongues.
11:10 AM - 12 Feb 13

Theatrical Spot: Conleth Hill 'aving a fag outside the stage door at Wyndhams.
6:54 PM - 12 Feb 13

Meanwhile, a young couple were INORDINATELY IMPRESSED to spot Josh Widdicombe walk down Charing Cross Road.
6:57 PM - 12 Feb 13

Proper stopped them in their tracks. Pfft. Amateurs. I've spotted multiple Doctor Whos before and not broken a sweat.
6:59 PM - 12 Feb 13

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