Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Twitterball 46: Endorsed by MacGyver

This week on my Twitter feed there's some more theatre announcements to keep me busy when I'm not passing judgement on TV. Or making fun of how Taylor Swift's entire song output is about her being a big ho. I also have a couple of job hunt-related panic attacks but hey, we're keeping it light eh?

I don't know why Emily and Evil Niall are so worried about The Initiative. Buffy destroyed that YEARS ago. #revenge
12:14 AM - 23 Jan 13

I kind of expected more surprises in the RSC announcement than just the Tennant Dick 2, which wasn't exactly a secret.
12:15 PM - 23 Jan 13

And only one Shakespeare in the season is an interesting statement of intent. I do like the "complete works over 5 years, no repeats" idea.
12:16 PM - 23 Jan 13

@Weez And allegedly all in the RST (so I'm guessing some will run for half a dozen performances in total LOL.) The RSC *has* produced...
1:09 PM - 23 Jan 13

@Weez ...Kinsmen before so fingers crossed.
1:09 PM - 23 Jan 13

My brain's just put together a very satisfying theory about what was going on in Old Times, but it means I have to rewrite half my review.
10:41 PM - 23 Jan 13

Still, better than the pieces all clicking together AFTER I published it.
10:41 PM - 23 Jan 13

Is Brian Cox ever NOT on the cover of the Radio Times?
11:20 AM - 24 Jan 13

@pcchan1981 has anything @NationalTheatre ever NOT been 20 minutes over the advertised time?
10:33 PM - 24 Jan 13

Printing out my CV in preparation for back-to-work counselling made me hyperventilate. Which may explain why I need counselling.
11:25 AM - 25 Jan 13

I suspect "passenger ill at Old Street" may be code for "passenger dead." What with the body bag I saw getting carried away :(
6:47 PM - 25 Jan 13

A bit odd to slowly build up tension then plonk an interval in just as it starts to work #intervaltweets
8:34 PM - 25 Jan 13

You sure this a *motivational* music channel, the gym? Bridge Over Troubled Water? For Whom The Bell Tolls? SO MUCH Alicia Keys?
11:55 AM - 26 Jan 13

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So I shagged you just so I could write a song slagging you off." #taylorswiftlogic
10:28 AM - 28 Jan 13

OK, I managed to print off two potential job adverts before having a panic attack. It's a start.
1:01 PM - 28 Jan 13

Teaser clip for next week's new #beinghuman JUST SO HAPPENS to feature @damienmolony with his top off.
2:23 PM - 28 Jan 13

Don't stop your 4x4 right on the zebra crossing then look at me like I'M the cunt for not being able to cross the road.
6:10 PM - 28 Jan 13

Sleb Spot: Alan Rickman at the Gate.
9:02 PM - 28 Jan 13

Things you find out in post-show Q&As: Mariah Gale is Minnie to her friends.
10:16 PM - 28 Jan 13

And Felix Scott actually IS that accident-prone #postshowqanda
10:17 PM - 28 Jan 13

Just seen a Mercedes ad endorsed by MacGyver. Not Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver THE CHARACTER. Am now unsure what century I'm living in.
9:47 AM - 29 Jan 13

I can only conclude Patty & Selma got fired from the DMV and now work in advertising.
9:49 AM - 29 Jan 13

The scary thing about listening to American radio stations on iTunes is how much airplay Olly FUCKING Murs gets.
5:06 PM - 29 Jan 13

At the National, disconcertingly surrounded by actresses I've recently seen whack their norks out on stage.
7:23 PM - 29 Jan 13

@Weez actually no. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Helen Schlesinger.
8:56 PM - 29 Jan 13

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